About us

About us

Boso was founded in 1990. when it started working as a retail and wholesale company.
Boso Ltd. is a family-owned company with headquarters in Vinkovci. Despite complex economic and social situations in this part of Croatia, the company tends to grow and develop further every year. Our business policy is oriented toward customers to satisfy their needs and continuous investment in development and community which results in good operation and customer acceptance.

Today Boso is one of the leading Croatian retail chains in Slavonia, employing high-quality and knowledgeable staff. Currently, we operate more than 220 stores, which are located all over Slavonia. Most of our stores are small local shops located close to customers, with an average store sale area smaller than 200 m2. Our stores are known for low prices, a wide selection of products, special offers and additional benefits for customers.

The company currently has more than 1,000 employees and invests in worthwhile social projects such as donations to the Red Cross, schools, kindergartens, and families with low income.

We are partners with well-known Croatian manufacturers whose products are represented on our shelves, but we also cooperate with many foreign partners in the region and the world. Applying high standards of quality and service, our company wants to adapt to the needs and desires of customers.

Boso Ltd. is a founder and member of the largest trade association in Croatia, Narodni trgovački lanac (National retail chain), which gathers retail companies of similar size and market orientation at the national level.

The purpose of the association is joint market penetration, development and investment in the Croatian economy, by ensuring the supply of quality products at competitive prices and the satisfaction of every customer. NTL operates in more than 1,200 stores in Croatia.